Fred Michiels

Belgium, °1966

Lives and works in Sambreville (B)


Painter and poet Fred Michiels (°B 1966, lives and works in Tamines) has fully dedicated himself to abstraction in all its propositions and forms. The artist continually creates new challenges for himself: he paints in order to create spaces of possibility. Visual information from a variety of sources, cultural references and abstract forms alike, intermingle in a cheerful way. His works are instinctive and unplanned; straightforward and free. The abstractions are never limiting, but rich in visual experiences.

For almost 30 years and with a great sense of humour, Michiels has investigated the status of painting. Unconventional grounds, such as antique postal items, books, used passports, antique vases and all manner of found objects are drawn into a two- or three-dimensional industriousness of oils, spray-paint, glitter and acrylics.

Language has always played an important role in Michiels’ oeuvre; and in recent years, words and images increasingly enhance each other. The works bear humorous titles that refer to an evolving manifestation of ironic self-reflection that echo our extraordinary current times.

The treatment of ground remains important. Rich, painterly textures are patiently applied, layer by layer. They are only removed or overpainted to distil a hidden depth of bright colours. There are no ugly colours or colour combinations in Fred Michiels’ work: he transforms them into joyful atonal compositions.


Fred Michiels studied painting and drawing at Sint-Lucas, Antwerp (1984 - 88) and Cooper Union, New York (1993 – 96). Numerous exhibitions including C.C. Strombeek-Bever, CC De Warande, Turnhout; Ottilia Pribilla and Annie Gentils gallery (Antwerp); 'Fading' curated by Sven van der Stichelen (Brussels); Exit 11 (Gembloux, B); Brakke Grond (Amsterdam, NL); Bikini Wax (Mexico City); Antea (Santa-Cruz de Tenerife); Arthur (Herzele, B); Syndicat of Belgium Painters (Borgloon, B), Art The Hague (NL), Positions Art Fair (Berlin); Eva Steynen.Deviation(s)







Expo's met Eva Steynen Gallery


2023 10 Years, what a surprise! Part 2, group exhibition until 29/04/2023

2022 Touch-Lines#3, group exhibition

2021 Positions Berlin Art Fair, (D)

        solo exhibition 'The sun shines when it really rains, Antwerp (B)

2020 Positions Berlin Art Fair, (D)

        Yes, we are open! group exhibition, Antwerp (B)

        Walk around the park, online group exhibition (B)

2019 Positions Berlin Art Fair, (D)

        Art The Haque, The Hague (NL)

        Shining ground, group exhibition

2018 pop-up, This is not a printed book, duo show with J.U.Kubiak, Rivoli Building, Brussels (B)

        Art Fair BAD, Ghent (B)

       extra muros: Eva Steynen.Deviation(s) at Galerie Borssenanger, Chemnitz (D)

        HOME, duo show with Henk Delabie, Antwerp (B)

2017, ByPass, group exhibition

2015 'Too much feels very good', solo-show


2012 Pop-Up , group show 'Un geste de couleur #1',

Delphine Deguislage, Fred Michiels, Marc Van Tichel, Antwerp (B).



Extensive Curriculum Vitae



Drawing and Painting, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Sint Lucas, Antwerp (1984-1988)

Drawing and Painting, The Cooper Union, New York City (1993-1996)


1998: “20 jaar CC De Warande”, Turnhout (B)
1999: “Academie”, Antwerp (B) -catalogue
2002: “Accrochage”, Annie Gentils-galerie, Anvers (B)
2003: “Sugar and Spice”, Annie Gentils-galerie, Anvers (B)

          “Tempus Arti”, (triennale) Landen (B) -catalogue
         “Autour de Vincent”, Zundert (Pays Bas)
2004: “K.U.R.K”, CC De Warande, Turnhout (B)
2005: "Project 3000", Leuven (B)
2006 : " FW Painting ", De Fabriek, Eindhoven (NL)
           “Tempus Arti”, (triennale) Landen (B) -catalogue
2008 : « 307 portraits », Tours & Taxis, Bruxelles -catalogue

           “La vache qui ne rit plus”, Espace 72, Dison (B)

2009 : “Groupshow”, Ottilia Pribilla Galerie, Antwerp (B)

        : “Morcellement de çimaise”, commissaire Jaques Lizène, Mu ka, Antwerp (B)

        : « Fading », commissaire Sven Vanderstichelen, Musée d’Ixelles (B) -catalogue

        : « les éditions de l’heure », commissaire Ghislain Olivier, Maison de la Culture, Tournai (B)

        : « wwwArt in Vivo », Galerie Les Contemporains 0-+, Bruxelles (B)

 2010 : « Autour des éditions de l’heure », commissaire Ghislain Olivier, Le Comptoir, Liège

        : « ArtistBOOKS, 9th edition », Centre Pompidou, Paris

 2011 : Brave New Belgium, The Cube, Bussum (NL)

 2012 : « Grenier, Michiels, Fromont/JE est NOUS», galerie Ephémère, Thuin (B)

         : « Un geste de couleur », Antwerp ( curator Eva Steynen)

         : « Une pièce n’est jamais achevée », Galerie Nicolas Hugo, Paris (FR)

         : « I’ve brought my world indoors », Artpoteek, Bruxelles

 2013 : Gratis Toegang (commisaire Ricky Oudermans) , Westmalle (B)

         : « Katernen » Van Abbe Musée, Eindhoven (NL)

 2013 : Workplace, Anvers

2014 : Global Village with Stichting White Cube, Abcoude, Landshut et Kopenhagen (DK)

 2015 : Workplace Antwerp (B)

         : "Er hangt iets in de lucht", 's-Hertogenbosch (NL.)

         : Bikini Wax, Mexico City (MEX)
2016 : Faire & Squaire, groupsshow, Buda-Paardenstallen, Kortrijk

2017 : ByPass, group exhibition, Eva Steynen.Deviation(s)

2018 : Art Fair BAD, Ghent (B)

          extra muros: Eva Steynen.Deviation(s) at Galerie Borssenanger, Chemnitz (D)

          HOME, duo show with Henk Delabie, Antwerp (B)

          Welcome to the Antropocene, Exit 11, Petit-Leez (B) 

2017:  BYPASS, groupshow, Eva Steynen Deviations, Antwerp

2018: BAD2018, Art Fair, Ghent

2019: Positions Berlin Art Fair, with Eva Steynen Gallery (D)

         Art The Haque, with Eva Steynen Gallery, The Hague (NL)

         Shining ground, group exhibition at Eva Steynen Gallery, (B)

2020 Positions Berlin Art Fair, with Eva Steynen Gallery (D)

        Yes, we are open! group exhibition, at Eva Steynen.deviation(s), Antwerp (B)

        Walk around the park, online group exhibition,Eva Steynen Gallery

        The Syndicate of Belgian Painters, CC Borgloon and Sint Truiden (B)

        The Syndicate of Belgian Painters, Anouk Vilain Gallery, Diepenbeek (B)

2022 Touch-Lines #3, Eva Steynen Gallery, Antwerp (B)

        Die Brücke, Kulturzentrum Alter Schlachthof, Eupen (B)

2023 De Brug, Westerlo (B)

        Walking on thin ice, CC Zottegem (B)

        10 Years, what a surprise! Eva Steynen Gallery



2002 : “Extramuros”, Cultureel Centrum Strombeek-Bever (B)
2003 : “De analogie werd te verward”, CC De Warande, Turnhout (B)
2004 : “Unintentional Popular architecture”, CC Malle, (B)
        : “Art in Progress”, De Pinte, (B)
2006 : “Portable Property”, Cultural Centre Heist-op-den-Berg (B)
        : “Portable Property”, galerie NegenPuntNegen, Roeselare (B)
2007 : “T.E.T.B.” (To Encounter Total Bafflement), Ottilia Pribilla galerie, Antwerp (B)

2008 : “Roze Kieke(n)s en Purpere Rijz(t)”, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)

2009 : “Portraits Presque Célèbres”, Maison du Hainaut, Charleroi (B)

        : “It’s Okay Not to Pay (attention )”, Ottilia Pribilla galerie, Antwerp (B)

2010 : « Rien que pour mes yeux », Le Progrès, Charleroi (B)

         : « The archive near itself », CEME’xpo, Charleroi (B)

 2011 : “ New contaminated erotics”, Le Progrès, Charleroi (B)

        : “a transparent bookpresentation”, Galerie Draulans, Westerlo (B)

         : « Spare Parts for an exhibition, Galerie Les Contemporains 0-+, Bruxelles (B)

2012 : « Het Toeval als figuratief element », Secret Kitchen Gallery, Temse (B)

         : « Het Toeval als figuratief element #2», SK-Gallery Tamise (B)

 2013 : »Het toeval als figuratief element#3 », De Lakenhal, Herentals (B)

         : SecondRoom Anvers (B)

         : About (Art)faces & a(r)ttachments, SK-Gallery Tamise (B)

2014 : Bozar de l'Abattoir, Tamines (B)

2015:  Solo, Too much feels very good (T.M.F.V.G.), Eva Steynen Deviations, Antwerp

2018 : pop-up, This is not a printed book, duo show with J.U.Kubiak, Rivoli Building, Brussels (B)

          HOME, duo show with Henk Delabie, Antwerp (B)

2020 : Comme James Bond, José Hubert Galerie d'art des collines, Doische (B)

2021: The sun shines when it really rains, Eva Steynen Gallery

upcoming 2024 : solo show Eva Steynen.Deviation(s)



Public commands

2008 : Drisag s.a., Herentals

2009 : Revor s.a., Meulebeke

2010 : St.Jozef ziekenhuis Malle

2010 : Feld s.a., Herentals

2012 : Feld s.a., Herentals

2014 : Sociale werkplaats "La Bavette", Sambreville


2009: “Portraits presque Célèbres”, Maison du Hainaut, Charleroi (B)

2009: “(En)joy 13 x 13”, Herentals (B)

2010: “Kif Kif Bourricot”, CC Malle (B)

2011 : “Brave New Belgium“, The Cube, Bussum (NL)

2014 : "Bozar de l'Abattoir", Tamines (B)