Nick Hullegie

° 1970 Epe (NL)

lives and works in Antwerpen (BE)/Almelo (NL)


Nick Hullegie studied Monumental and Architectural design and Arts from 1991 till 1996 in Arnhem (NL) and from 2001 till 2004 at the Higher Institute for the Arts, in Antwerp. He exhibits in the Netherlands and later in Belgium and Germany since 1996. Since 2003 his sculpture 'Grow Up' is part of the Martha Herford (D) collection. In 2018 he created 'Penarie', a playful sculpture for a roundabout at the Zurenborg quarter in Antwerp. 

As well as in his sculptures as his two-dimensional work on paper and canvas, the optical illusion and the inversion of spaces are recurring figurations. Everyday utensils Hullegie integrates in playful architectural structures. Forms are reduces to their essence and what looks evident at the first sight is undermined with a surrealistic touch, always attended with poetical sense of humour.





Website of the artist : http://www.nickhullegie.com