Francis Denys

° Belgium, 1964

Lives and works in Brussels



Francis Denys develops a multi-faceted oeuvre examining the functionality/finality of the visual arts. Through use of sculptural elements and photography he accentuates, doubles or reveals forms and situations. In a more or less restrained manner, and often by means of poor materials and minimal forms and concepts, the act of thinking about and looking at an artwork is reflected or blurred. This results, not infrequently, in a mildly developing smile or an insight that tries to escape us.

Since 2017 he is artistic director of De Y-Factor, Leuven.




Website of the artist : http://francisdenys.com/





2019 group show 'Shining Ground'

2018 solo show 'Toekomstige gebeurtenissen'

2017 group show 'Shadow pieces'

2016 solo show 'nomistake'

2016 group show ' bypass'

2015  group show : 'Little Hisk'

2011 group expo 'What you see is (not) what you see'





Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten 1996-1999 (HISK)

Art History, Vrije Universiteit Brussel 1988-1992 (VUB)


Solo/duo shows
2018    “ toekomstige gebeurtenissen ”, Eva Steynen.Deviation(s), Antwerpen
            “ De Wand ”, CC Strombeek (uitgenodigd door Luk Lambrecht & Lieze Eneman)
            “ Doorlopend ”, performance & lezing, PROPS, Gent (met Benoît Félix, curator Sabine Oosterlynck)
2017    “ TAZ 4 ”, performance, Theater Aan Zee, Oostende (uitgenodigd door 2M3)
2016   “ menhirisation ”, performance School van Gaasbeek (uitgenodigd door 2M3)
2016   "No Mistake" Eva Steynen.Deviation(s), Antwerp (B) / solo show (opening March)
2015   "Universalia in Rebus", Baravin, Antwerp (B) / solo show (opening September 17)
2013   "Wunderkammer / More Boulders", De Kunstbank, Brussels / solo show & situation
2011   "Bv. een ei dat op de grond valt en geen scheurtje heeft", 2M3, Brussels (B)/
           "Exercises", MX7 Gallery on location, Brussels / duo show with Wannes Lecompte
2010   "Boules & Bills", Pocketroom, Antwerp (B) / solo show
           "Sport", Galerie EL, Welle (B) / duo show with Stefano Caligaro
2009   "Het Blauw Gommeke", Het Goublommeke in Papier, Brussels (B) / in situ project +
            solo show

           "noiron-yatall (no irony at all)", SECONDroom, Brussels (B) / solo show

2007   "Frank", XM project space by Stefaan Dheedene, Maes & Matthys Gallery, Antwerp (B) / 

            solo show

2006   "new thinx (from Japan)", Galery’ VUB, Brussels (B) / solo project curated & used as a 

            participative tool by De Kunstbank

2005   "educacion", Galerie Kunst-Zicht, Ghent (B) / duo show with Stefaan Dheedene

2004   "sprite", F18 project space by Stefaan Dheedene @ HISK, Antwerp (B) / solo show
2003   "frisco", Netwerk Galerij, Aalst (B) / solo show

           "Cats & Dogs & Boules", Stijl, Brussels (B) / duo show with Greet De Gendt

2002   "Salon des Invités", Brussels (B) / duo show with Greet De Gendt

            hosted by Willem Elias

2001     Evenandyet, Leuven (B) / solo show
2000     APP Gallery, Gijzegem (B) / duo show with Greet De Gendt

1999    "Kleeklas", Cobra Gallery, Brussels (B) / solo show

            "Objet Déchet / Wegwerpvoorwerp", Limite Limite, Brussels (B) / solo show

1998    "Karrootjes, Karreetjes, K-reetjes & Kreetjes", Galery’ VUB, Brussels (B) / solo show

1997    "Phaenomenologie van het Kunstwerk", HISK, Antwerp (B) / solo show

1995    "Simulacronaut. De avonturen van een beeldenverzamelaar op het einde van de XXste 

              eeuw", Galery’ VUB, Brussels (B) / solo show


Group shows
2017 - "Bypass', Eva Steynen.Deviation(s)
2015 – "Image Talks", Hasselt (B) / group show & symposium curated and hosted by FRAME
         – "Little Hisk", Antwerp (B) / group show, invited by Eva Steynen.Deviation(s)
2014 – "The Rock Show", Unie Genk-Hasselt, Emile Van Dorenmuseum, Genk (B) / group show
             curated by Erik Odijn
         – "Ten Oorlog", Abdijhoeve Ten Bogaerde, Koksijde (B) / group show curated by PAK
         – "Tussenwereld", een project voor hedendaagse kunst in de crematoria van Lochristi en
             Sint- Niklaas (B) / group show curated by Roger D’hondt
         – "Phishing the Landscape", Verksmiðjan, Hjalteyri (ISL) / group show curated by
             Clémentine Roy & Catriona Shaw
         –  Erfgoedproject Felixart, Drogenbos (B) / scenography
         – "Collection Tivoli", Laken (B), participatory artistic project for the city of Brussels
         – "An Ideal for Living", Central Station, Antwerp (B) / group show curated by
             SECONDroom for TRAFFIC #1, exhibitions and ventures initiated by Lokaal 01
         – "Lecompte Felix Denyz", Galerie D'Apostrof, Meigem (B) / show with Benoît Félix &
             Wannes Lecompte
         – "2m3 @ W-O-L-K-E", Brussels (B) / performance night
         – "No Lights oN", CC 't Vondel, Halle (B) / group show curated by Hugo Meert
2013 – "Palletical", w-o-l-k-e, Brussels (B) / group show

         – "VdV — a documentary exhibition on Henry van de Velde in contemporary art practice",

           187 [een acht zeven/un,huit,sept/one-eight-seven], Brussels (B) / curator project ft.      

            Goele De Bruyn, Sofie Haesaerts, Gert Robijns, Filip Verreyke

         – "Op de vloer", CC Ekeren, Antwerp (B) / group show

         – "At Random", CC De Steiger, Menen (B) / group show

         – "Something About Secrets", PAK, Gistel (B) / group show

         – "Francis Denys - Jo De Smedt - Lucy Renneboog" / Galerie El, Welle (B)

         – "Dreaming of the South", Galerie Marion de Cannière, Antwerp (B) /

             group show curated by Herman Van Ingelgem


2012 – "More Boulders / A Wunderkammer Project", De Kunstbank, Brussels (B) / lecture
         – "Edition — linea recta _ pa-ra-de —", Aalst (B) / presentation
         – "Into the White", SECONDroom Antwerp (B) / exhibition & performance night hosted by
             Pieterjan Ginckels
         – "Krasj", Ninove (B) / group show in different locations in Ninove,
             curated by Koen De Decker
         – "— linea recta _ pa-ra-de —", Boonparade, Aalst (B) / performance
         – "Flamboyant. Een documentaire tentoonstelling over leven en werk van Leopold
             Flam", AMVB, Brussels (B) / concept + scenography, curator project
         – Galerie El, Welle (B) / group show
2011 – "The Border”, Lineart with MX7 Gallery, Ghent (B) / art fair

         – "Tender Buttons", Galerie Kunst-Zicht, Ghent (B) / group exhibition curated by

             Guy Bovyn

         – "What you see is [not] what you see", curated by Eva Steynen, Antwerp (B) / group  


         – "Rue Julien Dulait", curated by Gert Robijns, Charleroi (B) / group show

         – "Pink is the Most Masculine Colour", MX7 Gallery on location, Antwerp (B) / group show

         – "Een Groep", Galerie De Ziener, Asse (B) / group show
         – "Er Sey Gold!", Artiestenparcours d’Artistes, Jette (B) / site specific project


2010 – "CUT ME", Brussels (B) / group show in a barber shop

         – "Façades & Interieurs", Paraza (F) / group show

         – "moorDNOCES, A Brief History of SECONDroom", SECONDroom, Brussels (B) /

             exhibition, curator project

         – "what> -migration: Francis Denys", artistic research @ De Kunstbank, Brussels (B) /  

             residency + research presentation

         – "moorDNOCES", Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam (NL) / residency + trio show with Jan   

             Verbruggen & Korneel Devillé, curator project


2009 – "moorDNOCES, SECONDbar", SECONDroom, Brussels (B) / presentation

         – "Please Pay Attention Please", Annex Amperdans, Monty, Troubleyn, Antwerp (B) /

             group show curated by Kristof Van Gestel & Marc Vanrunxt

         – "A Certain Proposition", SECONDroom, ARTLAB² @ Zennestraat 17, october,

             Brussels (B) / group show curated by Christophe Floré

         – "Summer auction Museum Dhondt Dhaenens", Deurle (B) / auction

         – "Garten", Destelbergen (B) / group show

         – "StreetArt Raus", curated by Frederik Van Simaey, HISK, Ghent (B) / group show

         – "43 Numbers", SECONDroom, ARTLAB @ Zennestraat 17, Brussels (B) / edition      


         – "Memory & Migration", AMVB archive, Brussels (B) / scenography + documentary      

             exhibition + curation project


2008 – "what", De Kunstbank, Brussels (B) / residency + research

         – "30 years AMVB _ 30 stories", AMVB archive, Brussels (B) / scenography +

             documentary exhibition + curation project


2006 – "Wat is / wat zou kunnen", W139, Amsterdam (NL) / group exhibition curated by

             Kristof Van Gestel

         – "New Reform", Netwerk Galerij, Aalst (B) / group show + documentary exhibition

         – "Liaisons", Galery’ VUB, Brussels (B), with Greet De Gendt / group show

         – "Beelden Buiten", Tielt (B) / group show

         – "HISK-laureates on Lineart Playground", Ghent (B), with Greet De Gendt / video    

             presentation curated by Sven Vanderstichelen

2005 – "educacion, Galerie Kunst-Zicht, Ghent (B) / duo show with Stefaan Dheedene

         – "opiumup, Re-animating the City - Part VI, Galerie Kunst-Zicht, Ghent (B) / window    

             exhibition curated by Guy Bovyn

         – "in between", what> meeting space for visual culture, Leuven (B), residency + group 

            show curated by Herman Labro

         – "HISK-laureates on Lineart Playground", Ghent (B), group exhibition curated by Sven 



2003 – "BIGG", UTIL, Brussels (B) / duo show with Katleen Vermeir curated by Vincent  


         – "Kunst & Zwalm", Zwalm (B) / group show curated by Patrick Merckaert

2002 – "Salon des Belges", The Clock Tower, New York (USA) / group show curated by

             Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans,

         – "Staal / Chocolat Chaud", Galerie Duchamp, Yvetot (FR) /group show curated by Paul

             Lagring & Netwerk Galerij

2001 – Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Yamaguchi (JAP) / residency + solo show

         – "Art in the Home", Yamaguchi (JAP) / group show

         – "Biennale Leuven", Leuven (B) / group show curated by Herman Labro

         – "VLAM", Location Project Netwerk Galerij Netwerk2, Aalst (B) / group show


2000 – "Belgica Special", De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL) / group show curated by

             Herman Labro

         – "Cirque Erotique", Backstage, Ghent (B) / event

         – "HISK, 15 Laureates 1997-1999", Elzenveld, Antwerp (B) / group show

1999 – "Dialoog", Ter Dilft, Bornem (B) / group show

         – "Bouillon", HISK, Antwerp (B) / final group show

         – "Kussen", Galery, VUB, Brussels (B) / group show

         – "Eve-n & Yet Special 1", University Library, Leuven (B) / group show curated by

             Herman Labro

1998 – "sPring ‘98", Koningin Fabiolazaal, Antwerp (B) / group show
         – "Kunst in het Arsenaal", HISK, Antwerp (B) / group show

         – "Slippery Games, L’art de vivre ensemble", Kultuurkaffee VUB, Brussels (B) /

             performance with Peter De Cupere

         – "Einzelgänger", Moving Space Gallery, Ghent (B) / group show

         – "Ornamenten van de macht", CC De Warande, Turnhout (B) / group show curated by 

             Koen Broucke & Thierry Lagrange

1997 – "Kunst in het Arsenaal", HISK, Antwerp (B) / group show