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14 november - 18 december 2021



installation views







°1979 (B), lives and works in Brussels


The painting wants to be a painting! For almost twenty years this is Wannes Lecompte's credo, celebrating the act of painting itself. And how he does! His oil on canvas is more than composition of color, texture and rhythm. Lecompte convoking and provoking chance, in a voluntary slow process, waits in front of empty canvas until the painting presents itself. His interlacing brushstrokes mingle, one color over the other, packed together and surrounded by the white emptiness of the canvas.


Without trying to present a figure, Lecompte his scriptural paintings reveal slowly their poetic composition. They invite us to feel their unique rhythm. The painter as a musician. He plays the drums and he composes playful and colorful notes.

Lecompte's works show an intensity of the instant, that one unique moment, simultaneously slowing down and revealing the 'drums' of our times.

These visual compositions of Wannes Lecompte, presented for the first time at the gallery, show arrangements of density enforced by the emptiness around, compositions as well of sonorities as it is of silences.


Different Pieces part 4, performance with Jozef Dumoulin


During the opening on Sunday November 14, Wannes Lecompte invited musician Jozef Dumoulin for an unique collaborative music performance,  Different Pieces part 4.

Find here the movie made by Reinhart Cosaert.




About Different Pieces: What do the painter and the musician have in common?


Why does music get applause, but not the image?  And why do we watch musicians as they make something, as opposed to only seeing the image when the whole process is complete?

 Those reflections are the subject in ‘Different pieces’, a serie of performances where musicians are joining visual artist Wannes Lecompte to make abstraction of the performance.

 Originated from a tremendous amazement for musicians, Wannes as a painter, has the privilege of being on stage with a variety of musicians to talk about music.