Des dessins qui ne sont pas des dessins parce que ce sont des objets, 

mais des objets qui ne sont pas des objets parce que ce sont des dessins.    


17 December 2020 - 20 February 2021


The cut-out drawings of Benoit Felix (°1969, works and lives in Lustin) literally free themselves from their surface and trace themselves into the dispositions of space. The strong material allows to put the drawings under tension, giving back to the drawing its value as an existence in reality.


What you see is (not always) what you see. Language is an important element in BenoÎt Felix his body of work, and the ability to play with its different layers of presentation, reference and meaning. 


Felix' works create a spontaneous smile and make you think about what you think you see: drawings that are not drawings because they are objects, but objects that are not objects because they are drawings.


This time no video-performances like in his recent exhibitions. For this exhibition Felix re-concentrates on his starting point, drawing. He refers to as “my traces that I cut out and tighten up in the space, like traps, to see them as an artwork... Or as questions put to the spectator: am I an artwork, they ask (with a blink)..."






Installation views